A Free Voice

A Free Voice

I tried not to heed the cries of the poor
Are they not lower than before
All rights from them are taken
Why should I heed their crying now

I only heed the needs of the rich
Bluff and counter bluff is all I need
No reference here to the poor
What do the rich need them for

The Bill of Rights was heeded well
They bluffed their way for the rules to sell
No need to worry about the rest
Banks, Politicians, they are the pest

If ever a time for heeding was due
That time is now for me and you
No more will we suffer, be under dog
We do not huff or bluff our way

When at our President comments raciest made
It is our shame we silent stay
We the People must have our say
It is the fair American way.

God Bless Free America

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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