Fireside Thoughts

We are driven by our wants and needs,

left wondering if we were right or wrong,

never stopping to consider the why,

headfirst we rush along.


Full tilt we charge sometimes we fall,

not stopping ever on we go,

then gradually we start to slow,

looking for directions we can go.


It’s not enough to stand and stare,

or ignore the signs that are there,

but still we sometimes do just that,

to take a break where we are at.


We must take on board lessons learned to gain reward,

people tell us but we are bored,

if only we knew then what we know now,

decisions differently would we make.


Or would we still through joy and tears,

hand in hand with love travel the years,

wishing to keep things still the same,

this growing up, this life, this game.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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