Competition Nerves!

Here I sit in early light just like a boxer before a fight
How will I do how will I play
Oh deary me it’s here its today

Will I play well or miss my aim or will I be brilliant again
Oh how I wish I could picker like my friends
The competitions I would enter then but still they think that I am good this I’ve never understood
It’s not my natural game you see I only learnt it here
But I enjoy the fun and friendship that abounds around me here I’ve won before but each times the same what am I doing where to aim
Then comes the time that I must leave to join my team
Off I go in expectant mood how strange I’ve lost my mental nerves

Now I am looking forward to the fray after breakfast boccodillo and wine
Ah that’s better I feel fine perhaps that’s why we have this fare
Relaxing food a cheerful air opponents drawn the game begins

No room in my mind for other things two games one this is the last
We did it wow we won and now we wait for the final telling joust
International rules are these alas we only second came

But a ham and wine I took home then today it starts all over again
Its 7.45am and I am off to fight again for this is my ‘bull fight’ this is Spain
I hope when I return I’ll have a prize its fun its fun oh my oh my

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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