Making Water

It’s grey again today won’t this weather ever go away
This moan we hear from people each day
Be careful or you will moan your self away
Water is precious and clouds are grey
So why do we wish the clouds away

Others live where there is none all they have is lots of sun
Here they look to the sky each day asking for rain to come their way
To water crops so they may grow make harvests from the seeds we sow
Clouds pass overhead again but never is there a sign of rain
The land is dry as dry can be, please oh please some rain for me

So now we turn in desperation to machines that make water in dry situations  Desperate for water as people are only for war these systems are used
Beyond our reach for the cost is large people can only wish for one
Governments use them on battle fields everyday to water their people in this way
So why not send them where drought is bad make water for them they would be glad

Oh clouds of grey up in the sky please drop your water as you sail by
Make flowers grow cool down our land our crops water as you can
We won’t ever moan again about the grey clouds or the rain
Sun is fine but we need you more so please without you life will be no more

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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