Father Christmas

It’s Christmas time again

Time for families to be together

A time to give thanks

That we are not apart

Our loved ones are with us

We are not on our own


But out there in Afghan

Our boys are just that

Out on their own working

And under attack

Where they wish that for Christmas

They could spend it at home.


But Santa is kind he does not forget

He saved up some pressies to give to our boys

Dodging the bullets he flew on his way

To make sure they got presents on their Christmas day

With a ho ho ho he was then on his way

To boys and girls with toys to play


But his best time of all came at journey’s end

When checking his list he remembers his friends

The cooks in the mess tents who fed him fine food

The men who gave Rudolf and Prancer their share

Then as he took off they gave him a cheer

As he took their love to the children so dear


A look of contentment appears on his face

As he drinks up his coffee at a leisurely pace

Then goes to his window and opens it wide

Looking out on the world he raises his voice



(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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