Who’s Got The Fairy?

Sitting in the plane high above the ground
Watching all the clouds passing by below
Instead of white and fluffy they are grey and dirty
Just like toasted marshmallows instead of fluffy white cotton candy
Someone find the Fairy.

Seeing large columns floating in the sky looking like mushrooms
Shapes appear then change but they are still grey 
I could walk on them or touch their softness if I dare
But they are grey not white so I’ll stay here
Someone find the Fairy.

What they need is a washing machine to make them fluffy white
With a nice long line to hang them on in the sunlight whilst they dry
They do not need ironing just plumping up will do
Then they can float across the sky a sky which is so blue
Someone find the Fairy.

Next time I fly I will buy some fairy to take with me
I can flush it through the loo then we shall look and see
Fluffy White clouds all floating by clean and sparkling in a bright blue sky
Oh what a delight from a planes windows high
Someone found the Fairy.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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