Creeky Creeky

My back my back oh my poor back
Now what have I done
It wasn’t like this when I was young
I’d twist and shout the night away
Then go to work the following day
But now I’m senior there is no doubt
I only put my poor back out

My knee my knee oh deary me
Now what have I done
Skiing down the piste was I having so much fun
But then I fell and landed on snow that was so hard
Now my knee is telling me I’m to old for this lark

My tum my tum oh my poor tum
What have I done to you
Once you were flat and firm you looked so good by gum
But now you’ve grown and got too fat I am feel glum
So cut the food and wine right down and walk everywhere
But at my age this seems unkind it’s really just not fair

My feet my feet oh my poor feet
Now what have I done
My heels both ache my toes protest
It’s really not much fun
But I can change all this I’m sure
Just buy shoes that fit and forget fashion that’s for sure

My Hair my hair oh my poor hair
Now just where have you gone
When I was young you hung around a quiff was so much fun
But as the years past you departed and now your nearly gone
Ah cruel cruel hair to remind me so
That I’m no longer young

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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