Lap-Top Gremlins

I know a little gremlin its hangs around my home

Every time something goes wrong it laughs to hear me moan

But then when I have fixed the problem you should hear it groan

This evil little gremlin will not leave me alone


I had to buy a laptop because my old one died

Well it would not light up the screen no matter how I tried

I thought it was broken till I plugged a monitor in

Then I heard the gremlin laugh and say that it was him


I then decided I’d had enough

So off to town I went in what was quite a huff

There I bought a laptop and with my money was spent

Homeward I made my way feeling quite content


But that nasty little gremlin had not finished with me

The laptop and instructions were all in Spanish you see

I could not work the @ sign no matter how I tried

Bloody little gremlin best run away and hide


But there was help at hand in the shape of a maiden fair

Who showed me how to work my board and the gremlin scare

So now I am a happy chap no more gremlins at me snap

I have a senorita who has seen to that.

(c) Michael Bosc

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