Retirement Eyes

When we were young we had the world
At least that’s what we were told
It is no joke they told us
When you are growing old

We worked hard and we played hard
Took our lives as read
Then when we had settled down
These were the things they said

Look after your family
Work hard and long each day
Make sure the bills are paid on time
And later you’ll make hay

We paid our bills and worked hard
Our pensions they did grow
Untill that is the city
Decided up to blow

Pensions that we once thought safe
Were lost almost at once
But as the years progressed
We became a hardy bunch

No one bullies us again
We stand up for our rights
We fought for this country
We paid our dues all right

So comes the day we’ve waited for
No more work for us
Please ourselves just what we do
The day is just for us

Oh no it’s not you soon find out
There is so much to do
Places to go things to see
We’re busy there’s no doubt

Then you look around you
And see to your surprise
You are not the only ones
Who have retirement eyes

© Michael Douglas Bosc

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