The Cider Press

Sitting in the sports bar
Listening to the band
Sing songs which we once sang to
Whilst watching footballs land

Drinking local cider
Sweet but sometimes dry
Remembering my childhood
In a county quite near by

This old and traditional pub
Sits there quiet and still
In the middle of Torquay high street
On the side of a small hill

Remembering an England past
And times now far away
When people gathered in a pub
And sang the night away

Reflections of an age long gone
When we were all once young
Of songs and singing heroes
The pubs were filled with fun

These two lads were singing songs
That filled the charts back then
Plus requests we made to them
We had a lovely time

So if your down in Torquay for summer by the sea
Visit at The Cider Press and have a glass for me
Then sing along to “Poster Child’ you’ll be really glad
You’ll leave happy and contented now that can’t be bad

© Michael Douglas Bosc

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