With Dignity

I watch as they wander round
Lost in their own grief
All I can do today is cry
My tears washing through the years

I wander round my home town
Pictures coming and going
Memories approaching then fading
Leaving me in limbo again

I see a husband in grief not knowing what to do
His soul mate of some 50 years gone
A void where once a life so full stood
Their grown children bereft and lost

I think of the times we had when young
Of fights and fun all seem blurred into one
Days out with parents visits to the sea
Holidays with my cousins, sisters and me

I never thought we would lose her
She would always be there smiling
Giving advice and caring a steadying hand
Strong and safe for us all

Today I lost my sister last of my sibling family
A rock a place of strength and calm now just a void
We watched helplessly as she passed no longer wracked with pain
With such courage and dignity in life she was the same

Cancer has no consideration for young or old
The pain and suffering it brings is horrid to behold
But she was loved by us and for her we all cared
I pray she knew we loved her so and that’s why we were there

To my sister Doff I love you.

(c) M D Bosc

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