A Boar’s Lament

Where did we all go to
Where did we go wrong
Why are we still hiding
Why can’t we sing our song

Was it just the sound of guns
That made us hide away
Or seeing friends and family
Brought down in such a way

Now we are so wary
No longer safe and sound
Always we are listening
Always checking round

But come the summer we are sure
Things will change for us
The guns will stop once more
No longer hunting us

Once again we’ll sing our songs
Be free of fear and doubt
The forest then will be at peace
And life will spring about

The birds no longer need to be
Our eyes and ears we’re free
To wander through the shaded glades
Or scratch against a tree

Or wander down the country road
To the river cool and clear
Then drink our fill in the evening air
In peace and tranquillity as we have done before

(C) C.A. Bosc

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