Horris the Hungry Horse

20140219_133227 (640x480)

I know a horse called Horris
A Hungry Horse is he
He sits next to Little Ted
When they are having tea

If we do not watch him
He’ll gobble up his food
Then look to see if there is more
That really is quite rude

But Horris is a happy chap
He sits upon my desk
Tells me jokes and makes me laugh
That’s when he’s at his best

Horris wears a lot of names
Of people he once knew
Before he came to live with us
They were called ‘The Crew’

I often go to visit them
Next time he’ll come along
Then he can eat just what he likes
And maybe sing a song

I know they love their Horris
Their pub’s named after him
So if you see ‘the Hungry Horse’
Why don’t you drop in

You’ll always find a welcome
And stonkingly good fare
Who knows you might see Horris
He might be sitting there

(c) C. A. Bosc

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