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In Honor of the FRENCH Fallen

The poppy grows where the fallen lay
Be it field or city like today
We remember those who passed this way
The poppy links us all

They did not ask to die last night
They were not ready for another fight
Unprepared and innocent these victims were
They didn’t know they were at war

Sport and happiness were what they sought
Watching France play football with other fans
Meals with family and friends
This was all they wanted to do

But death came for them last night
Driven on by hate and spite
Out of the darkness out of the street
Death came swift and cold

In light of day when all was known
With tears in eyes and hearts so sad
Then anger comes and with it pain
For those who will never laugh again

France look around this world tonight
There you will see an amazing sight
Every country large or small
Have raised your flag in lights so bright

You’re not alone you never were
No going quietly into the night
The world is here we’re showing our might

(c) C.A. Bosc

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