An Ode to Clearing in the Forest by Jason D’ebre

In days of old when knights were bold
and daring do was fun
When good fought bad and heroes usually won 
Then songs of valor through halls would ring
Telling of great deeds and other things

A time when England was fighting France
King John was breathing out his last
Battles were raging things looked grim
John was not a kindly King
Would Philip of France and Odo win

Into this three children came
Ella, John and Geoff their names
Things were scary it’s not a game
With witches, magic and daring do
They fight for survival and England too

Whether they won or lost I will not tell
But because of them England survived
How they faired I cannot tell you have to read the story

Read it to the final page to
Find the spell which still stands
Has saved England from many lands
Because of magic and some tiny hands

(c) C A Bosc

With kind permission of Jason D’ebre

Christmas Gardening


gardens 110

Rain is falling, somewhere there is snow
But dear old Santa he knew where to go,
Down all your chimneys or through magic doors he came
Leaving all your presents long before you wake

Then mince pies and sherry and he was on his way
To visit other families with presents from his sleigh
But suddenly he realised that during the night
There was something he had missed

From gardeners lists that night
Santa quickly turned around his sleigh and sped back again
To leave the gardeners magic poo so to your gardens he came
The reindeer did their work that night then gleefully went home

So next year please remember
When you find a mysterious plant
It came from Rudolf and Santa
Or maybe your Aunt……

Merry Gardening


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In Honor of the FRENCH Fallen

The poppy grows where the fallen lay
Be it field or city like today
We remember those who passed this way
The poppy links us all

They did not ask to die last night
They were not ready for another fight
Unprepared and innocent these victims were
They didn’t know they were at war

Sport and happiness were what they sought
Watching France play football with other fans
Meals with family and friends
This was all they wanted to do

But death came for them last night
Driven on by hate and spite
Out of the darkness out of the street
Death came swift and cold

In light of day when all was known
With tears in eyes and hearts so sad
Then anger comes and with it pain
For those who will never laugh again

France look around this world tonight
There you will see an amazing sight
Every country large or small
Have raised your flag in lights so bright

You’re not alone you never were
No going quietly into the night
The world is here we’re showing our might

(c) C.A. Bosc

Poppy Awakening

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When I awoke this morning
I did so with a smile
Last night I walked again with him
Along the poppy mile

We talked about how things were then
And how things were now
I did not cry at all last night
I am not crying now

I feel at peace and rested
But I really don’t know how
I can feel his loving hand
Soothing my poor brow

As I lie here thinking
A voice inside my head
Tells me to go make breakfast
The children must be fed

Today they seem more rested
Not so stressed anymore
We ate our meal together
Just like we did before

Then off to school they went
Leaving me behind
To tidy up the house again
I know I will be fine

To make the beds a new I went
And guess what I did see
From upon our pillows
A poppy stared at me

I gently touched each flower
And then I felt his hand
He had never left us
Now I understand

So this coming Sunday
We will all be there
Wearing our red poppies
Proud just like before

(c) C.A. Bosc

Searching for Success

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Its been a funny season with lots of ups and downs
We had Andre Vias our future looked quite sound
Then things did not go as they were planned
So someone there decided that Andres was not for us

He left us then Tim Sherwood took over at the reigns
I would not have that job for all Joe Lewis’s change
After lots of shouting at the team when on tv
My wife said they need help why not try outer-space
So I built a radio telescope to search the stars above

I painted on its surface our badge all nice and clear
Wrote ‘Searching For Success’ in colours nice and bright
I wanted all the Aliens to know I’m quite sincere
I’ve followed the Lillywhites for over Sixty years

What’s needed is commitment to the club from all around
Also consistency to give players solid ground
Daniel’s in the lions den and not all is well
One day we will get it right but when who can tell

We sold Bale to Madrid like we’ve sold good men before
Then we went out and bought in seven more
We do not need to chop and change as often as we do
Stability’s what’s needed then success will follow too

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© Michael Douglas Bosc


Horris the Hungry Horse

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I know a horse called Horris
A Hungry Horse is he
He sits next to Little Ted
When they are having tea

If we do not watch him
He’ll gobble up his food
Then look to see if there is more
That really is quite rude

But Horris is a happy chap
He sits upon my desk
Tells me jokes and makes me laugh
That’s when he’s at his best

Horris wears a lot of names
Of people he once knew
Before he came to live with us
They were called ‘The Crew’

I often go to visit them
Next time he’ll come along
Then he can eat just what he likes
And maybe sing a song

I know they love their Horris
Their pub’s named after him
So if you see ‘the Hungry Horse’
Why don’t you drop in

You’ll always find a welcome
And stonkingly good fare
Who knows you might see Horris
He might be sitting there

(c) C. A. Bosc

Bee Orft!!!

I know the gorse is blooming
I can see it from my seat
But there is nothing flowering
Round about my feet

Now you can not get nectar
From my boots you know
So fly off into the garden
Or to the forest go

You are back again I see
Whilst I am gardening here
It’s no good you just hovering
And beating your small wings

Go visit other violets
There’s lots of them about
You do not have to buzz about
Where I’m working now

Right now just you look here mush
Hovering six inches from my face
Is not the best thing you can do
It’s not the safest place

Ok I get the message
I’ll go to another patch
Then you can hover here
What do you think of that

Oh it’s not my gardening
That’s got you all a dither
It is my flowery garden hat
That makes you buzz and quiver

(c) C.A.Bosc

Bad Piggy”s

Have you locked the front door
I asked as I climbed into bed
There came a muffled answer
From a sleepy head

Early the next morning
I heard a mournful wail
They’ve been and raided us again
There is an awful mess

They’ve eaten all the cake he cried
And all the mince pies too
I handed him a hanky
What else could I do

I went and put the kettle on
And sent him back to bed
As I cleaned the kitchen up
A thought came to my head

So I got to baking
A new cake and some pies
Then took two cups of tea to bed
It was only half past five

But just before I went to bed
I wrote a little note
To tell those naughty piggy’s off
This is what I wrote

I made those pies and cake
For our Sunday tea
Not for greedy piggy’s
To sit and scoff for free

So it would be a nice change
If you would help me out
And I have been thinking
Some bacon would be fine…

(c) C.A.Bosc

Sir Sideney Effingham


I am Sir Sideney Effingham
A pheasant plump am I
With silver suit of armour
And what’s more I can fly

I’ve bought a pile in Sussex
Near my cousin Claude
He’s in the Secret Service
Knows old ‘M’ of course

I’m Lord of the manor
Though it seems to me
There’s another in a castle
But that don’t bother me

I have this artist with me
Who’s quite good with a brush
He’s painting family portraits
And other kinds of stuff

I wanted Claude to sit for him
But this he did decline
Said that he was busy
Didn’t have the time

But Farmer John seemed eager
For Claude to have it done
So I have resolved to do it
What’o this could be fun

I’ve had a word with Gaughan-Smythe
Should only take a week
Then we can have a hanging
And you can have a peek

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

A Holiday Like Home

Mums had enough of all the rain
She’s booked a holiday
Somewhere nice and warm and dry
Thats sunny every day

She packed our bags and cases
Already for the off
Passports and the suncream
With other holiday stuff

Then to the travel agent for our money she did go
And picked up all the tickets
My mum did not go slow
Now the taxi to the airport we were almost there

There were a lot of people doing just the same
So it was just as well they had a really big big plane
Then when we were sitting down I heard a revving noise
Dad said we were climbing up into the sky

The flight was quite a long one so it seemed to me
When I looked out the window all that I could see
Was lots and lots of water as blue as blue can be
Untill the clouds like cotton wool covered up the sea

But when we arrived there
Much to mums surprise
The place was deep in snow drifts
She couldn’t believe her eyes

We spent the next two weeks there
And much to our surprise
We had the bestest holiday
The best time of our lives

Mum’s booked us in for three weeks next year.

(c) C.A. Bosc