A Boar’s Lament

Where did we all go to
Where did we go wrong
Why are we still hiding
Why can’t we sing our song

Was it just the sound of guns
That made us hide away
Or seeing friends and family
Brought down in such a way

Now we are so wary
No longer safe and sound
Always we are listening
Always checking round

But come the summer we are sure
Things will change for us
The guns will stop once more
No longer hunting us

Once again we’ll sing our songs
Be free of fear and doubt
The forest then will be at peace
And life will spring about

The birds no longer need to be
Our eyes and ears we’re free
To wander through the shaded glades
Or scratch against a tree

Or wander down the country road
To the river cool and clear
Then drink our fill in the evening air
In peace and tranquillity as we have done before

(C) C.A. Bosc

Happy New Year

DSCF0122 (640x480)[1]

Now that Christmas time has passed
A new year approaches fast
Presents unwanted have been swapped
But will this rain never stop

The holidays are fine if dry
But times are hard you can’t deny
Homes awash just like the streets
It’s tough out there without heat

There’s more rain on its way they say
Who feels merry who feels gay
But look ahead to what might be
A bright new year for you and me

Do not think about that now
Look forward to holidays that you seek
In warmer climes with sun and sand
Grab travel books of other lands

Brows select and then book
And start to plan for the sun
For dress and swimsuits you can wear
When on holiday you are there

So settle back and reflect my dear
On the passing of the year
Make resolutions bold and new
A HAPPY NEW YEAR from me to you


(c) C A Bosc

Merry Crimbo Heros

DSCF3686 (640x480)

Christmas is a time for families so we’re told
But not for those alone or old
We oft forget that not all families
Are kind and good some are uncaring bad and cold
They do not care for those who are old

Then there are those who are alone
Because they are too afraid to go home
No love is there just abuse and hate
The things that lots of us do not equate
They have no choice but to stay away on Gods birthday

Or those who gave their limbs or sanity in serving Queen and country
Alone in their alone in their sad and lonely world
Not able to reach out or to be heard
But bravely they just soldier on in a country that has done them a great wrong
But they are not as alone as they may think

DSCF3680 (640x480)

Or those who can not survive because of this governments pride
Who give to others while their country dies
Rich men who rule Great Britain remain ignorant of the UK’s shame
They do not care or even know the plight of
People in London Birmingham Leeds and other cities

On streets they freeze because alone
They have no place to call their home
But unlike Scrooge they have angles near
Who really care all through the year
When the MOD deserts those who gave

Or this Government discards those who do not fit
Into their view of perfect beings who are rich
Then two groups of people dedicated to humanity and souls
The Salvation Army and B.L.E.S.M.A. take up arms
They care they help and blend in because they are always there

To these people we should give any monies we can spare
They go out and do not care if it is snowing just that
People realise that someone cares in a country that’s lost its way
Hero’s who will fight and pray
That people in need will find a better day

God Bless them both is what I say
Hand on heart though far away
I am proud to know both of these groups
As an airman I have seen the love BLESMA for service peeps
As a civilian to The Salvation Army I think is grand

A selfless band of angels they I always give when in the UK
They are the nearest thing to true selfless acts that I know
So to these two groups my Christmas blessing it does go
God bless you both and protect you from all harm
You are needed by humanity may you never come to harm

God Bless the Salvation Army and BLESMA on Christmas day

(c) C A Biswell

Happy Chainsaw Day

DSCF4393 (640x480) (428x443)

I’m a happy chappy playing with my toys
Chopping off the branches making lots of noise
But I’m being careful as you all can see
Playing in the garden my chainsaw and me

I often play with ladders climbing to the top
I climbed up this blue ladder for the tree to lop
All the upward branches have to come down you see
Then we can pick the olives from lower growth he he

DSCF4394 (640x480) (459x476)

When I’ve finished cutting there’s a lot of stuff about
But its a happy chappy who is climbing out
Of branches lying on the ground where they’ve just been cut
Now I have to clear it up before I cut more stuff

When the tree is finished it will look quite bare
Till spring comes a calling and green shoots it bears
Then it should show its flowers and turn a creamy green
And then in the autumn olives should be seen


Its looking pretty stumpy now but that will not last long
The birds are getting rather cross their insect boughs are gone
But soon it will start to grow again and then whoopy my friends
I can get my chainsaw out and we will start again

(C)  C A Bosc

With Dignity

I watch as they wander round
Lost in their own grief
All I can do today is cry
My tears washing through the years

I wander round my home town
Pictures coming and going
Memories approaching then fading
Leaving me in limbo again

I see a husband in grief not knowing what to do
His soul mate of some 50 years gone
A void where once a life so full stood
Their grown children bereft and lost

I think of the times we had when young
Of fights and fun all seem blurred into one
Days out with parents visits to the sea
Holidays with my cousins, sisters and me

I never thought we would lose her
She would always be there smiling
Giving advice and caring a steadying hand
Strong and safe for us all

Today I lost my sister last of my sibling family
A rock a place of strength and calm now just a void
We watched helplessly as she passed no longer wracked with pain
With such courage and dignity in life she was the same

Cancer has no consideration for young or old
The pain and suffering it brings is horrid to behold
But she was loved by us and for her we all cared
I pray she knew we loved her so and that’s why we were there

To my sister Doff I love you.

(c) M D Bosc


Today I started on some steps
To the cacti garden up they’ll go
Stood back surveyed the three I’d built
And thought my afternoon well spent

Next morning once again I went
To build another three
And in the concrete there I spied
Little bird prints oh dear me

Just like naughty children they
Had hopped across the step
Leaving little foot prints
Everywhere they went

But I am not that bothered
They look quite nice you see
Reminders why we live here
Our fun and nature are free

So I have just rewarded them
A brand new Water Bar
Nice shallow dish to bathe in
Have I gone to far?

(c) M D Bosc

The Cider Press

Sitting in the sports bar
Listening to the band
Sing songs which we once sang to
Whilst watching footballs land

Drinking local cider
Sweet but sometimes dry
Remembering my childhood
In a county quite near by

This old and traditional pub
Sits there quiet and still
In the middle of Torquay high street
On the side of a small hill

Remembering an England past
And times now far away
When people gathered in a pub
And sang the night away

Reflections of an age long gone
When we were all once young
Of songs and singing heroes
The pubs were filled with fun

These two lads were singing songs
That filled the charts back then
Plus requests we made to them
We had a lovely time

So if your down in Torquay for summer by the sea
Visit at The Cider Press and have a glass for me
Then sing along to “Poster Child’ you’ll be really glad
You’ll leave happy and contented now that can’t be bad

© Michael Douglas Bosc

Retirement Eyes

When we were young we had the world
At least that’s what we were told
It is no joke they told us
When you are growing old

We worked hard and we played hard
Took our lives as read
Then when we had settled down
These were the things they said

Look after your family
Work hard and long each day
Make sure the bills are paid on time
And later you’ll make hay

We paid our bills and worked hard
Our pensions they did grow
Untill that is the city
Decided up to blow

Pensions that we once thought safe
Were lost almost at once
But as the years progressed
We became a hardy bunch

No one bullies us again
We stand up for our rights
We fought for this country
We paid our dues all right

So comes the day we’ve waited for
No more work for us
Please ourselves just what we do
The day is just for us

Oh no it’s not you soon find out
There is so much to do
Places to go things to see
We’re busy there’s no doubt

Then you look around you
And see to your surprise
You are not the only ones
Who have retirement eyes

© Michael Douglas Bosc

An Amazon’s Revolt

In West Sussex you will find
A farm with farmer who is kind
Untill that is his friend comes round
Then all is lost and mayhem takes the ground

Farmer John’s a kindly man
To live in peace that was his plan
Till his mate Claude soon changed all that
And Mrs Farmer John got cross

This Claude he is a pheasant chap
But gets into all kinds of scraps
Then Farmer John goes to his aid
You think they are quite tough

Now Farmer John makes cider as all good farmers do
He shares it in the evenings with Claude you know who
Sitting in their deckchairs underneath the stars
These two will sit there drinking and dream away for hours

They talk about adventures and things that must be done
Of what they’ve seen of tv and their hero’s having fun
What they would do if they were them how clever they would be
Then they start on movie themes not a good move you’ll see

It’s when they start their singing that FJ’s wife objects
The noise it so horrendous she could wring their necks
Farmer John he sings off-key while Claude goes cauky cauk
Then up they get and start to dance with garden forks

Next they come to fighting each plays his hero’s part
Farmer John likes Zorro and rides ‘Sid’ the big cart-horse
And just like El Zorro he rides ‘Sid’ back to front
Sid just sigh’s he thinks they’re mad as he trots round and round

Whilst Farmer John with mask and two sticks for his swords
Yells ‘take that and that’ at Claude from on his horses back
But often he will fall off in the middle of a fight
Then they stop to pick him up it’s such a funny sight

Now that is bad enough you think alas that’s not the case
It’s Claude who upsets FJ’s wife with the tractor he will race
Well Bond must have his fast car to cover lots of ground
He zooms around the farmyard at such a speedy pace

When Mrs FJ hears this she’s really had enough
She marches up to Sid and stops this kind of stuff
Farmer John is sent off to his bed by his suffering wife
Who quickly turns to sort out Claude who runs off for his life

She puts away the tractor puts Sid into his stall
Folds away the deck chairs and tidies up the lawn
Huh they think their hero’s big and bold and bluff
But they can’t oust this Amazon I’m made of sterner stuff……

© Michael Douglas Bosc

In Grateful Thanks

They did not baulk they did not run
They stood and fought for every one
The beaches soon were red with blood
Normandy Landings had begun

Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold
All those men all those souls
But still they came boat after boat
Fighting for freedom fighting for hope

From all around the world they came
One thought their actions all the same
Trapped on beaches under fire
Nothing could quench their peace desire

Films were made stories told
About these men of solid gold
They are not dead they do not sleep
Over us a watch they keep

Our thanks to them we must not forget
To them we owe a deep deep debt
That some did not return is our regret
God bless and keep them every one

With thanks to fathers, brothers, sons and lovers too
Who gave their lives for me and you
We will remember we’ll not forget
The debt we owed them on that day

© Michael Douglas Bosc