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Sir Sideney Effingham


I am Sir Sideney Effingham
A pheasant plump am I
With silver suit of armour
And what’s more I can fly

I’ve bought a pile in Sussex
Near my cousin Claude
He’s in the Secret Service
Knows old ‘M’ of course

I’m Lord of the manor
Though it seems to me
There’s another in a castle
But that don’t bother me

I have this artist with me
Who’s quite good with a brush
He’s painting family portraits
And other kinds of stuff

I wanted Claude to sit for him
But this he did decline
Said that he was busy
Didn’t have the time

But Farmer John seemed eager
For Claude to have it done
So I have resolved to do it
What’o this could be fun

I’ve had a word with Gaughan-Smythe
Should only take a week
Then we can have a hanging
And you can have a peek

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Happy Chainsaw Day

DSCF4393 (640x480) (428x443)

I’m a happy chappy playing with my toys
Chopping off the branches making lots of noise
But I’m being careful as you all can see
Playing in the garden my chainsaw and me

I often play with ladders climbing to the top
I climbed up this blue ladder for the tree to lop
All the upward branches have to come down you see
Then we can pick the olives from lower growth he he

DSCF4394 (640x480) (459x476)

When I’ve finished cutting there’s a lot of stuff about
But its a happy chappy who is climbing out
Of branches lying on the ground where they’ve just been cut
Now I have to clear it up before I cut more stuff

When the tree is finished it will look quite bare
Till spring comes a calling and green shoots it bears
Then it should show its flowers and turn a creamy green
And then in the autumn olives should be seen


Its looking pretty stumpy now but that will not last long
The birds are getting rather cross their insect boughs are gone
But soon it will start to grow again and then whoopy my friends
I can get my chainsaw out and we will start again

(C)  C A Bosc


Today I started on some steps
To the cacti garden up they’ll go
Stood back surveyed the three I’d built
And thought my afternoon well spent

Next morning once again I went
To build another three
And in the concrete there I spied
Little bird prints oh dear me

Just like naughty children they
Had hopped across the step
Leaving little foot prints
Everywhere they went

But I am not that bothered
They look quite nice you see
Reminders why we live here
Our fun and nature are free

So I have just rewarded them
A brand new Water Bar
Nice shallow dish to bathe in
Have I gone to far?

(c) M D Bosc

An Amazon’s Revolt

In West Sussex you will find
A farm with farmer who is kind
Untill that is his friend comes round
Then all is lost and mayhem takes the ground

Farmer John’s a kindly man
To live in peace that was his plan
Till his mate Claude soon changed all that
And Mrs Farmer John got cross

This Claude he is a pheasant chap
But gets into all kinds of scraps
Then Farmer John goes to his aid
You think they are quite tough

Now Farmer John makes cider as all good farmers do
He shares it in the evenings with Claude you know who
Sitting in their deckchairs underneath the stars
These two will sit there drinking and dream away for hours

They talk about adventures and things that must be done
Of what they’ve seen of tv and their hero’s having fun
What they would do if they were them how clever they would be
Then they start on movie themes not a good move you’ll see

It’s when they start their singing that FJ’s wife objects
The noise it so horrendous she could wring their necks
Farmer John he sings off-key while Claude goes cauky cauk
Then up they get and start to dance with garden forks

Next they come to fighting each plays his hero’s part
Farmer John likes Zorro and rides ‘Sid’ the big cart-horse
And just like El Zorro he rides ‘Sid’ back to front
Sid just sigh’s he thinks they’re mad as he trots round and round

Whilst Farmer John with mask and two sticks for his swords
Yells ‘take that and that’ at Claude from on his horses back
But often he will fall off in the middle of a fight
Then they stop to pick him up it’s such a funny sight

Now that is bad enough you think alas that’s not the case
It’s Claude who upsets FJ’s wife with the tractor he will race
Well Bond must have his fast car to cover lots of ground
He zooms around the farmyard at such a speedy pace

When Mrs FJ hears this she’s really had enough
She marches up to Sid and stops this kind of stuff
Farmer John is sent off to his bed by his suffering wife
Who quickly turns to sort out Claude who runs off for his life

She puts away the tractor puts Sid into his stall
Folds away the deck chairs and tidies up the lawn
Huh they think their hero’s big and bold and bluff
But they can’t oust this Amazon I’m made of sterner stuff……

© Michael Douglas Bosc

Political Feathers

My name is Boris Blackbird London is my home
I have a brother Kenneth who just will not behave 
Sitting in the laburnum tree singing to my brother
Telling him how naughty he is according to our mother

He sits in the tamarisk tree singing and tweeting back at me
Calm as calm as he can be sitting in that tamarisk tree
Laughing at the world he sees and passing comments if you please
About my life of often ease whilst we sit here in these trees

Life for us is good he agrees for we have time to sing and tease
We fight with each other in front of others
But in front of mum we must be good brothers
Why are they so difficult these mothers

Ours was once a politician upset Ken oh what a pother
My wife thinks Ken is far too dull he’s still a bachelor and to her no fun
But between you and my mother I think he’s got it right by gum
Whereas me I just go out and have fun cheers up others who are glum

We have the odd words now and then when I chase him off just like a hen
We will keep it up you know so other birds don’t know which way to go
My shouting at him when he’s wrong is how we brothers get along
So here’s to Ken my wayward brother I love you ‘bro just don’t tell mother

(c) Michael Bosc

Nature’s Delight

I wake to the sun shining through the tree
It’s dappled light gladdens me
A new day awakening I see
I’m glad these sights are greeting me.

The sun smiles down so bright and hot
As in to the shade I gently flop
A breeze is blowing over me
Relaxing here beneath my tree.

Late afternoon shade deepens now
The air is cooler yet somehow
Large clouds gather overhead
Some rain oh yes please these words are said.

As evening rolls on into night
Distant rumblings heard that’s right
A thunderstorm is on it’s way
A perfect end to a very hot day.

The lightening flashes whilst thunder blasts
Rain falling through the night at last
Dawn brings a feeling earth refreshed
I smell watered earth so clean and fresh.

I hear birds singing in the trees
Drinking from the still wet leaves
Plants once crying out for moisture
Now stand tall looking stronger.

Looking across the forest scene
Seeing fir trees strong and green
All this is mine this wild fresh view
A happier man I never knew.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Happy Times

The wind in the sails sun glares off the sea

I’m sailing the channel feeling free

I don’t have to rush no work for me

I’m on my boat, I’m retired you see.


The trees need pruning to provide a crop

The pruned branches for fire wood I’ll chop

But not in the sun, it’s far to hot

On my farm in the forest I am free

I’m retired you see.


Watching the birds in the trees is fine

Sitting in this chair of mine

Cool glass of something in my hand

At peace, at home, this is me

I’m retired you see.


My writing set out on my desk

In shady gazebo here I wrest

With plots and characters all is fine

Laptop’s ready but not me

I’m retired you see.


But now it’s 3.30 and I am off

Down to the river don’t you scoff

The petanca courts are calling me

My friends await we all are free

We’re all retired you see.


We are young at heart and in our minds

We really do enjoy our time

O.A.P’s we all might be

But you’ll not find us lacking oh no not we

We’re all retired you see.


Life is not just for the young

We can now relax and have some fun

Oh happy band of peeps are we

Long may we be so me and thee

We are all retired you see.