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Happy New Year

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Now that Christmas time has passed
A new year approaches fast
Presents unwanted have been swapped
But will this rain never stop

The holidays are fine if dry
But times are hard you can’t deny
Homes awash just like the streets
It’s tough out there without heat

There’s more rain on its way they say
Who feels merry who feels gay
But look ahead to what might be
A bright new year for you and me

Do not think about that now
Look forward to holidays that you seek
In warmer climes with sun and sand
Grab travel books of other lands

Brows select and then book
And start to plan for the sun
For dress and swimsuits you can wear
When on holiday you are there

So settle back and reflect my dear
On the passing of the year
Make resolutions bold and new
A HAPPY NEW YEAR from me to you


(c) C A Bosc

A European Trip

To England to England to England we go
Oh for the feel of rain wind and snow

To France to France we’ll travel anew
For wine, bread, garlic and onions too

To Belgium to Belgium to Belgium we’ll move on
Tasting their chocolates and singing songs

To Holland to Holland to Holland we’ll fly
For cheeses and tulips oh my oh my

To Germany to Germany to Germany more rain
With beer and sausage reminds us of Spain

Then down through the continent on into Spain
Home again home again dam theres no rain

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Englands Lost Tradition

England has no traditions at least not any more
The ‘lovies’ who run the proms have stolen them that’s sure
We used to sing and bounce along with shanties we could sing
Take on the orchestra have fun but it seems these days are gone.

No longer are the wishes of promenaders taken in
The ‘lovies’ have taken over the last night of the proms
No more will we bob up and down to shanties that we love
Or challenge the orchestra in a hornpipe race and other fun we had.

Gone are these songs we once held dear to please the ‘lovies’ friends
Educate the plebs you hear but thats not what was planned
Music for all was the dream but others have different ideas
And those who que for days and days for tickets for that special night
The last night tradition of fun and music are disappointed here.

Oh woe is me oh woe are we and every English man
Our one tradition our one night is taken from us to a man
Sir Malcolm Sergeant got it right so popular was he but now
Expectations of the fun to come is dampened by the ‘lovies’
No shanties sung, or bouncing up and down, no traditions nothing left.

All through the evenings of the proms we have enjoyed good music
All we want is one evening for us the English our traditions and music
To sing, bounce, celebrate have fun at a festival of music for the people
So sod the ‘lovies’ give us back our TRADITIONAL LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS
Sad to say that is all that England has left.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Naked England

I stand and look my heart dispares
Secure at home we are no more
Barely an army, navy or air force
Now who will defend our naked shores.

Where will these discarded people go
They gave their loyalty they did not know
This government would treat them so
Now who will defend our naked shores.

Who will house them pay their bills
Save them and us from future ills
When trained men are no more
Now who will defend our naked shores.

You have it wrong we hear them cry
Where are the planes that used to fly
The tanks and soldiers highly trained
The ships and sailors a navy that reigned
Now who will defend our naked shores.

Now it seems we are being destroyed
Not by an invader but by our own
They do not care they do not see
They just enforce their policy
Now who will defend our naked shores

Dark Days

I think back to when I was young
No electronic toys but so much fun
Now envy rules for those who have none
What have these politicians begun.

There they sit and spout their diction
Millionaires with no conviction
Their will they must impose on those without
Then blame others for riots that come.

They close the clubs no where to go
For children of the poor and lower classes
Who see their richer friends have toys
They want them too like other boys.

What chance do they stand for a normal life
No jobs no money there seems no choice
But to wreck and steal and loot and burn
Alas these boys will never learn.

No! they are not boys they’re thugs at last
No thought for others it’s just a blast
If people die defending others they do not care
What they want they will simply take.

The politicians cut councils money
Closed centres in community’s
Counsil’s can’t cope so cut’s are made                                                                     Terrible decisions they have to take.

I do not agree with whats happening
We do not want an ‘Arab Spring’
Riots buy day fire by night
It’s not what people want so they will fight to defend.

History shows this is the case
Social changes came from desperation
Is this what we want fear and unrest
No police to protect us because there are less.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc