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Save Our World

My eyes see ice floes on their march to the sea
My mind probes them to see if they are free
Great chunks of ice falling into the sea
Oh what is happening my world to thee

Too many people there are here
Like dinosaurs we are I fear
Pumping pollution into the atmosphere
All in the name of progress

Big business could help if they wanted to
Governments do but they tax me and you
Is the information we are given true
Or are we paying for others greed

Forests are being destroyed day by day
Only a few replanted they say
Life is being blown away
In the name of profits and humanity they say

People need to grow food to live
But sustainability is the byword we should heed
Trees and forests are needed now or water clouds will not form
The life on earth will not survive are we the dinosaurs of today

There are deserts out there we can claim plant with trees to make it rain
Or grow the food that’s needed now stop famine show the people how
To survive and live a life with homes and water that would be nice
But they would have to work and help that’s what survival is all about

It can be done it will work provided those who matter do not shirk
Responsibility for their fellow man or help with a family planning plan
Reducing the population for a while birth control is needed now
The Chinese people have showed us how they care for their future wow

Nothing is easy or simple or comes with an instruction card
But facing up to truth and facts is hard
To fight those who have a destruction plan who want to be the big ‘I Am’
Who do not listen when the world cries STOP!

Please do not give my world away help save us all lets start today
Look at the deserts for planting trees and growing food
More solar energy is the way and building with sustainable things
Oh God please give our planet wings and save it from the greed of men
(c)  Michael Douglas Bosc