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Happy Chainsaw Day

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I’m a happy chappy playing with my toys
Chopping off the branches making lots of noise
But I’m being careful as you all can see
Playing in the garden my chainsaw and me

I often play with ladders climbing to the top
I climbed up this blue ladder for the tree to lop
All the upward branches have to come down you see
Then we can pick the olives from lower growth he he

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When I’ve finished cutting there’s a lot of stuff about
But its a happy chappy who is climbing out
Of branches lying on the ground where they’ve just been cut
Now I have to clear it up before I cut more stuff

When the tree is finished it will look quite bare
Till spring comes a calling and green shoots it bears
Then it should show its flowers and turn a creamy green
And then in the autumn olives should be seen


Its looking pretty stumpy now but that will not last long
The birds are getting rather cross their insect boughs are gone
But soon it will start to grow again and then whoopy my friends
I can get my chainsaw out and we will start again

(C)  C A Bosc

Happy Hump Day

Jingle bells jingle bells Christmas is on its way

Must get my self ready its nearly Hump Day

Oh barber run so much fun hair cut and a shave

Must look good for Hump Day

Especially at my age.


Slight big tum nice neat bum

Not bad for my age

Hair might just be missing

But they say that’s sexy

Especially for my age.


Into town for dressing gown

Helps keep off the chill

Lynx spray whey-hey

Feeling sexy too

Treats I do look forward to

Especially at my age.


Wrapping paper ribbons blue

Tied up in a bow

Now that’s what I call a present

Wrapped up from me to you

I’ll have a Happy Hump Day

Especially at my age


A Happy Christmas to all us ‘Oldies with Memories’

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Song of the Windmills

High on a hill stood a lonely windmill
Blow wind blow make my blades go round
All on his own on this lonely hillside
Blow and make my blades go round

Then came a small petite lady windmill
Blow wind blow make my blades go round
Standing near him she looked lovely
Blow and make my blades go round

He’s not such a lonely windmill
Making electricity on his own
Now he watches how her blades turn
Love is making history…

Now on the hill there are lots of windmills
Blow wind blow make our blades go round
Making energy for all the people
Blow and make our blades go round

They are happy as windmills can be
Blow wind blow make our blades go round
Watching the rabbits having fun there
While they made electricity

They’re not lonely any more here
Standing tall on their hilltop high
They’re just happy standing together
Watching as the stars pass by

Now they are happy thanks to the rabbits
Blow wind blow make our blades go round
Now they understand what the rabbits told them
It’s love not wind that makes the world go round

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Happy Times

The wind in the sails sun glares off the sea

I’m sailing the channel feeling free

I don’t have to rush no work for me

I’m on my boat, I’m retired you see.


The trees need pruning to provide a crop

The pruned branches for fire wood I’ll chop

But not in the sun, it’s far to hot

On my farm in the forest I am free

I’m retired you see.


Watching the birds in the trees is fine

Sitting in this chair of mine

Cool glass of something in my hand

At peace, at home, this is me

I’m retired you see.


My writing set out on my desk

In shady gazebo here I wrest

With plots and characters all is fine

Laptop’s ready but not me

I’m retired you see.


But now it’s 3.30 and I am off

Down to the river don’t you scoff

The petanca courts are calling me

My friends await we all are free

We’re all retired you see.


We are young at heart and in our minds

We really do enjoy our time

O.A.P’s we all might be

But you’ll not find us lacking oh no not we

We’re all retired you see.


Life is not just for the young

We can now relax and have some fun

Oh happy band of peeps are we

Long may we be so me and thee

We are all retired you see.