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Bad Piggy”s

Have you locked the front door
I asked as I climbed into bed
There came a muffled answer
From a sleepy head

Early the next morning
I heard a mournful wail
They’ve been and raided us again
There is an awful mess

They’ve eaten all the cake he cried
And all the mince pies too
I handed him a hanky
What else could I do

I went and put the kettle on
And sent him back to bed
As I cleaned the kitchen up
A thought came to my head

So I got to baking
A new cake and some pies
Then took two cups of tea to bed
It was only half past five

But just before I went to bed
I wrote a little note
To tell those naughty piggy’s off
This is what I wrote

I made those pies and cake
For our Sunday tea
Not for greedy piggy’s
To sit and scoff for free

So it would be a nice change
If you would help me out
And I have been thinking
Some bacon would be fine…

(c) C.A.Bosc