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Bad Piggy”s

Have you locked the front door
I asked as I climbed into bed
There came a muffled answer
From a sleepy head

Early the next morning
I heard a mournful wail
They’ve been and raided us again
There is an awful mess

They’ve eaten all the cake he cried
And all the mince pies too
I handed him a hanky
What else could I do

I went and put the kettle on
And sent him back to bed
As I cleaned the kitchen up
A thought came to my head

So I got to baking
A new cake and some pies
Then took two cups of tea to bed
It was only half past five

But just before I went to bed
I wrote a little note
To tell those naughty piggy’s off
This is what I wrote

I made those pies and cake
For our Sunday tea
Not for greedy piggy’s
To sit and scoff for free

So it would be a nice change
If you would help me out
And I have been thinking
Some bacon would be fine…

(c) C.A.Bosc

Nature’s Delight

I wake to the sun shining through the tree
It’s dappled light gladdens me
A new day awakening I see
I’m glad these sights are greeting me.

The sun smiles down so bright and hot
As in to the shade I gently flop
A breeze is blowing over me
Relaxing here beneath my tree.

Late afternoon shade deepens now
The air is cooler yet somehow
Large clouds gather overhead
Some rain oh yes please these words are said.

As evening rolls on into night
Distant rumblings heard that’s right
A thunderstorm is on it’s way
A perfect end to a very hot day.

The lightening flashes whilst thunder blasts
Rain falling through the night at last
Dawn brings a feeling earth refreshed
I smell watered earth so clean and fresh.

I hear birds singing in the trees
Drinking from the still wet leaves
Plants once crying out for moisture
Now stand tall looking stronger.

Looking across the forest scene
Seeing fir trees strong and green
All this is mine this wild fresh view
A happier man I never knew.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc