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Merry Crimbo Heros

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Christmas is a time for families so we’re told
But not for those alone or old
We oft forget that not all families
Are kind and good some are uncaring bad and cold
They do not care for those who are old

Then there are those who are alone
Because they are too afraid to go home
No love is there just abuse and hate
The things that lots of us do not equate
They have no choice but to stay away on Gods birthday

Or those who gave their limbs or sanity in serving Queen and country
Alone in their alone in their sad and lonely world
Not able to reach out or to be heard
But bravely they just soldier on in a country that has done them a great wrong
But they are not as alone as they may think

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Or those who can not survive because of this governments pride
Who give to others while their country dies
Rich men who rule Great Britain remain ignorant of the UK’s shame
They do not care or even know the plight of
People in London Birmingham Leeds and other cities

On streets they freeze because alone
They have no place to call their home
But unlike Scrooge they have angles near
Who really care all through the year
When the MOD deserts those who gave

Or this Government discards those who do not fit
Into their view of perfect beings who are rich
Then two groups of people dedicated to humanity and souls
The Salvation Army and B.L.E.S.M.A. take up arms
They care they help and blend in because they are always there

To these people we should give any monies we can spare
They go out and do not care if it is snowing just that
People realise that someone cares in a country that’s lost its way
Hero’s who will fight and pray
That people in need will find a better day

God Bless them both is what I say
Hand on heart though far away
I am proud to know both of these groups
As an airman I have seen the love BLESMA for service peeps
As a civilian to The Salvation Army I think is grand

A selfless band of angels they I always give when in the UK
They are the nearest thing to true selfless acts that I know
So to these two groups my Christmas blessing it does go
God bless you both and protect you from all harm
You are needed by humanity may you never come to harm

God Bless the Salvation Army and BLESMA on Christmas day

(c) C A Biswell

Sitting In The Garden

I was thinking of a summers day
Sniffing the air smelling new mown hay
Late in the afternoon on a summers day
Sitting in the garden

Sitting in the garden in the evening shade
Looking at the flowers nodding in the late sun
Sunhat shading my old eyes now my work is done
Still sitting in the garden

Sitting in the garden drinking a cup of tea
Watching my little bonfire just the dog and me
Soon be time for walkies for my dog and me
Sitting in the garden

Sitting in the garden making the most of the sun
Just lazing here and resting this is so much fun
But come tomorrow it will be gone back will come the rain
No sitting in the garden wont get wet again

(c) Michael Bosc

Fireside Thoughts

We are driven by our wants and needs,

left wondering if we were right or wrong,

never stopping to consider the why,

headfirst we rush along.


Full tilt we charge sometimes we fall,

not stopping ever on we go,

then gradually we start to slow,

looking for directions we can go.


It’s not enough to stand and stare,

or ignore the signs that are there,

but still we sometimes do just that,

to take a break where we are at.


We must take on board lessons learned to gain reward,

people tell us but we are bored,

if only we knew then what we know now,

decisions differently would we make.


Or would we still through joy and tears,

hand in hand with love travel the years,

wishing to keep things still the same,

this growing up, this life, this game.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Oh Damn!

Oh damn I can’t remember what I came in for,

now I shall have to go outside and come back in once more,

was it knife or scissors or maybe just the string,

perhaps it is the watering can or maybe just a whim,

I wish I could remember oh damn and blast the thing


I wish I knew why I was here it’s just escaped my mind,

sugar, coffee, tea what did I come to find,

I didn’t write it down as I have done before,

I’m home again and oh damn,

I remember what it was that I went there for.


Now where are my glasses, I had them here just now,

before I went to make the tea I can’t find them now,

I’ve looked in all the places I could have put them down,

my head what’s this oh damn my brain their sitting on my head.


I know it’s someones birthday I’m going out to tea,

but who do I buy a present for a him or perhaps her,

I have a card to write the name oh damn there goes the door,

it’s me it’s me I’m the one the birthday tea is for.


Today I’m going sailing on a laser fast no less,

then next week it’s sky diving with the best,

then there are my studies with Open University,

oh damn it all when will there be a little time for ME.


Retirement is a state of mind at least it is with me,

on the go never slow enjoying things that’s me,

to enjoy my free time is my only aim,

oh damn it all I’m in my fall I am young again.


Now I’m not going senile or losing my mind,

I am just so busy it’s all a case of time,

if ever I should slow down or it ever came to pass,

oh damn and blast it all I’ll just sit on my ass.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc