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A Holiday Like Home

Mums had enough of all the rain
She’s booked a holiday
Somewhere nice and warm and dry
Thats sunny every day

She packed our bags and cases
Already for the off
Passports and the suncream
With other holiday stuff

Then to the travel agent for our money she did go
And picked up all the tickets
My mum did not go slow
Now the taxi to the airport we were almost there

There were a lot of people doing just the same
So it was just as well they had a really big big plane
Then when we were sitting down I heard a revving noise
Dad said we were climbing up into the sky

The flight was quite a long one so it seemed to me
When I looked out the window all that I could see
Was lots and lots of water as blue as blue can be
Untill the clouds like cotton wool covered up the sea

But when we arrived there
Much to mums surprise
The place was deep in snow drifts
She couldn’t believe her eyes

We spent the next two weeks there
And much to our surprise
We had the bestest holiday
The best time of our lives

Mum’s booked us in for three weeks next year.

(c) C.A. Bosc

Oh Oh The Rain

weather file-6

Oh oh the rain is here again I ache when it’s around
Nights spent listening to its gentle fall
Or hammering pounding on roof as if from Thor
Watering plants who drink their fill
Puddles left where you walk making for new paths
Oh oh the rain.

In valleys mist shrouds all
Landscape looks like a foreign country
Scenes change as clouds drift
Rivers swell and swiftly flow past field and village
Cliffs become unstable landslides occur
Oh oh the rain

In a land where the sun always shines
Rain is welcomed a gentle cooling relief from the heat
But it continues reservoirs once empty fill
Dry rivers slowly start to fill
The dams are full some overspill
Oh oh the rain

But look around at what you see
Trees in fruit or flower be
Fields of flowers colours spread
The bees their yellow pollen bags full
As home to make their honey flew
Oh oh the rain

No ark is needed here today
Toads and frogs come out to play
Olives trees turning cream as of their oil we dream
The almond trees are bearing nuts
Rain at night sun by day this is just the perfect way
For rain oh rain to come our way

©Michael Douglas Bosc


In The Olive Garden

DSCF0720 (640x480)

Sitting in the morning sun
After rain is so much fun
But still there is much to be done
In the Olive Garden

The weeds are high after the rain
Wild flowers in swathes of colour maintain
The feeling of the wild again
In the Olive Garden

Strawberries fruiting in their patch
White flowers red fruit oh what a match
Their green leaves spreading all around
In the Olive Garden

Wild grape hyacinths with heads of blue
Their subtle perfume of memories make
Of walks beside ponds and lakes
In the Olive Garden

Iris heads peep out from leaves of green
Like prema donnas they wait to be seen
Beneath the tree that is their home
In the Olive Garden

Bees around the freesias play
Buzzing to and fro all day
Whilst freesia perfume drifts with the breeze
In the Olive Garden

I’ve weeded this I’ve weeded that
I’ve worked all day and that is that
I’ll sip my tea and relax here
In the Olive Garden

Oh dear oh dear I spoke too soon
It’s been raining all afternoon
There’ll be more weeds more work to do
In the Olive Garden

Happy New Year

Well Christmas is over the sales have begun

Now come the rush to the shops oh what fun

Next it is New year and bubbly all round

But the next day we are back on the ground


We all start the year with new resolutions

But what we do next is plan our vacations

To somewhere that’s nice and sunny and hot

Not raining all day or pouring a lot


We work out how much we have to spend

Then do sums again just incase we were wrong

And just when we think it’s all sorted out

Up pops the Easter Bunny Ohh goody we shout


Chocky oh chocky we eat by the egg

Before we realise it the inches have spread

Now down to the gym for a workout we go

Got to get fit for the holidays you know


The holidays are looming and then they are gone

The autumn approaches with harvest and fun

Now we have fall with fireworks then winter has come

All of a sudden its CHRISTMAS again  now we start all over again



(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Sitting In The Garden

I was thinking of a summers day
Sniffing the air smelling new mown hay
Late in the afternoon on a summers day
Sitting in the garden

Sitting in the garden in the evening shade
Looking at the flowers nodding in the late sun
Sunhat shading my old eyes now my work is done
Still sitting in the garden

Sitting in the garden drinking a cup of tea
Watching my little bonfire just the dog and me
Soon be time for walkies for my dog and me
Sitting in the garden

Sitting in the garden making the most of the sun
Just lazing here and resting this is so much fun
But come tomorrow it will be gone back will come the rain
No sitting in the garden wont get wet again

(c) Michael Bosc

Who’s Got The Fairy?

Sitting in the plane high above the ground
Watching all the clouds passing by below
Instead of white and fluffy they are grey and dirty
Just like toasted marshmallows instead of fluffy white cotton candy
Someone find the Fairy.

Seeing large columns floating in the sky looking like mushrooms
Shapes appear then change but they are still grey 
I could walk on them or touch their softness if I dare
But they are grey not white so I’ll stay here
Someone find the Fairy.

What they need is a washing machine to make them fluffy white
With a nice long line to hang them on in the sunlight whilst they dry
They do not need ironing just plumping up will do
Then they can float across the sky a sky which is so blue
Someone find the Fairy.

Next time I fly I will buy some fairy to take with me
I can flush it through the loo then we shall look and see
Fluffy White clouds all floating by clean and sparkling in a bright blue sky
Oh what a delight from a planes windows high
Someone found the Fairy.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

A European Trip

To England to England to England we go
Oh for the feel of rain wind and snow

To France to France we’ll travel anew
For wine, bread, garlic and onions too

To Belgium to Belgium to Belgium we’ll move on
Tasting their chocolates and singing songs

To Holland to Holland to Holland we’ll fly
For cheeses and tulips oh my oh my

To Germany to Germany to Germany more rain
With beer and sausage reminds us of Spain

Then down through the continent on into Spain
Home again home again dam theres no rain

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Making Water

It’s grey again today won’t this weather ever go away
This moan we hear from people each day
Be careful or you will moan your self away
Water is precious and clouds are grey
So why do we wish the clouds away

Others live where there is none all they have is lots of sun
Here they look to the sky each day asking for rain to come their way
To water crops so they may grow make harvests from the seeds we sow
Clouds pass overhead again but never is there a sign of rain
The land is dry as dry can be, please oh please some rain for me

So now we turn in desperation to machines that make water in dry situations  Desperate for water as people are only for war these systems are used
Beyond our reach for the cost is large people can only wish for one
Governments use them on battle fields everyday to water their people in this way
So why not send them where drought is bad make water for them they would be glad

Oh clouds of grey up in the sky please drop your water as you sail by
Make flowers grow cool down our land our crops water as you can
We won’t ever moan again about the grey clouds or the rain
Sun is fine but we need you more so please without you life will be no more

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

Save Our World

My eyes see ice floes on their march to the sea
My mind probes them to see if they are free
Great chunks of ice falling into the sea
Oh what is happening my world to thee

Too many people there are here
Like dinosaurs we are I fear
Pumping pollution into the atmosphere
All in the name of progress

Big business could help if they wanted to
Governments do but they tax me and you
Is the information we are given true
Or are we paying for others greed

Forests are being destroyed day by day
Only a few replanted they say
Life is being blown away
In the name of profits and humanity they say

People need to grow food to live
But sustainability is the byword we should heed
Trees and forests are needed now or water clouds will not form
The life on earth will not survive are we the dinosaurs of today

There are deserts out there we can claim plant with trees to make it rain
Or grow the food that’s needed now stop famine show the people how
To survive and live a life with homes and water that would be nice
But they would have to work and help that’s what survival is all about

It can be done it will work provided those who matter do not shirk
Responsibility for their fellow man or help with a family planning plan
Reducing the population for a while birth control is needed now
The Chinese people have showed us how they care for their future wow

Nothing is easy or simple or comes with an instruction card
But facing up to truth and facts is hard
To fight those who have a destruction plan who want to be the big ‘I Am’
Who do not listen when the world cries STOP!

Please do not give my world away help save us all lets start today
Look at the deserts for planting trees and growing food
More solar energy is the way and building with sustainable things
Oh God please give our planet wings and save it from the greed of men
(c)  Michael Douglas Bosc

Nature’s Delight

I wake to the sun shining through the tree
It’s dappled light gladdens me
A new day awakening I see
I’m glad these sights are greeting me.

The sun smiles down so bright and hot
As in to the shade I gently flop
A breeze is blowing over me
Relaxing here beneath my tree.

Late afternoon shade deepens now
The air is cooler yet somehow
Large clouds gather overhead
Some rain oh yes please these words are said.

As evening rolls on into night
Distant rumblings heard that’s right
A thunderstorm is on it’s way
A perfect end to a very hot day.

The lightening flashes whilst thunder blasts
Rain falling through the night at last
Dawn brings a feeling earth refreshed
I smell watered earth so clean and fresh.

I hear birds singing in the trees
Drinking from the still wet leaves
Plants once crying out for moisture
Now stand tall looking stronger.

Looking across the forest scene
Seeing fir trees strong and green
All this is mine this wild fresh view
A happier man I never knew.

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc