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Searching for Success

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Its been a funny season with lots of ups and downs
We had Andre Vias our future looked quite sound
Then things did not go as they were planned
So someone there decided that Andres was not for us

He left us then Tim Sherwood took over at the reigns
I would not have that job for all Joe Lewis’s change
After lots of shouting at the team when on tv
My wife said they need help why not try outer-space
So I built a radio telescope to search the stars above

I painted on its surface our badge all nice and clear
Wrote ‘Searching For Success’ in colours nice and bright
I wanted all the Aliens to know I’m quite sincere
I’ve followed the Lillywhites for over Sixty years

What’s needed is commitment to the club from all around
Also consistency to give players solid ground
Daniel’s in the lions den and not all is well
One day we will get it right but when who can tell

We sold Bale to Madrid like we’ve sold good men before
Then we went out and bought in seven more
We do not need to chop and change as often as we do
Stability’s what’s needed then success will follow too

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© Michael Douglas Bosc


Happy Times

The wind in the sails sun glares off the sea

I’m sailing the channel feeling free

I don’t have to rush no work for me

I’m on my boat, I’m retired you see.


The trees need pruning to provide a crop

The pruned branches for fire wood I’ll chop

But not in the sun, it’s far to hot

On my farm in the forest I am free

I’m retired you see.


Watching the birds in the trees is fine

Sitting in this chair of mine

Cool glass of something in my hand

At peace, at home, this is me

I’m retired you see.


My writing set out on my desk

In shady gazebo here I wrest

With plots and characters all is fine

Laptop’s ready but not me

I’m retired you see.


But now it’s 3.30 and I am off

Down to the river don’t you scoff

The petanca courts are calling me

My friends await we all are free

We’re all retired you see.


We are young at heart and in our minds

We really do enjoy our time

O.A.P’s we all might be

But you’ll not find us lacking oh no not we

We’re all retired you see.


Life is not just for the young

We can now relax and have some fun

Oh happy band of peeps are we

Long may we be so me and thee

We are all retired you see.