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Poppy Awakening

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When I awoke this morning
I did so with a smile
Last night I walked again with him
Along the poppy mile

We talked about how things were then
And how things were now
I did not cry at all last night
I am not crying now

I feel at peace and rested
But I really don’t know how
I can feel his loving hand
Soothing my poor brow

As I lie here thinking
A voice inside my head
Tells me to go make breakfast
The children must be fed

Today they seem more rested
Not so stressed anymore
We ate our meal together
Just like we did before

Then off to school they went
Leaving me behind
To tidy up the house again
I know I will be fine

To make the beds a new I went
And guess what I did see
From upon our pillows
A poppy stared at me

I gently touched each flower
And then I felt his hand
He had never left us
Now I understand

So this coming Sunday
We will all be there
Wearing our red poppies
Proud just like before

(c) C.A. Bosc

Pirate Thoughts

Others see you in different ways
I see only things I praise
But what of you I hear you cry
I am not bothered answer I

You beckoned me on with gentle voice
My soul replied I have no choice
To you I must go as is decreed
I hear your voice upon the breeze

Days and hours are passed away
Watching sails in the stiff wind and spray
But still I hear your voice calling me
Oh come my love come to the sea

Where will we go where will we be
These answers are all hidden from me
Your voice is soft alluring still
But now it leaves on me a chill

No longer am I charmed by you
I’ve seen the harm that you can do
My home now beckons me it’s clear
My wife my family I want near

Nor hear your call so soft and clear
Nor feel your pull to the sea you hold dear
I will no longer risk my all
I’m home and tired but rich not poor

A pirate once on the high seas was I
Now on my plunder I rely
To fuel my life now a Lord am I
In Caribbean beneath blue sky

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc